CNC Swiss-type Automatic Lathe

  • Optimum structure design and competiveness for ultra precision machining and reducing cycle time
  • Complete total machining with 3 path control system by 12 Station turret, gang type tool post and Sub spindle
  • Optimized for medical parts(implant) Automatic lathe
  • Guide bush and Non guide bush combined ultra precision machining system
  • Maximum 33 tools, ultra precision machining system
  • Maximum 33 tools, ultra precision machining system
  • Maximum 29 tools, machine efficiency optimization system for complex machining

We offer the following:


High Temperature Display Glass Press

Producing 3D curved glass of mobile devices and display equipment by molding glass at high temperature.
It is applied to the product which wants to have the degree of freedom of glass shape such as cover glass of mobile device
  • High reproducibility of molding conditions and stability
  • Realization of high-speed production by division of molding process
  • High-speed, uniform heating of mold by high-temperature direct heating method

Automatic Line-up Robot

Robot that recognizes the shape of the workpiece and automatically calls up the tray on which the workpiece is to be placed

  • Automatic collection of products from conveyor
  • Auto sort to tray
  • Eliminating defects when aligning finished products
  • Reducing labor through line automation