Johnford AHC-1600 HMC Moving Column Combination Table Type Horizontal Machining Center


The Johnford AHC-1600 is our latest horizontal machining center.  Ideal for aerospace application, the AHC-1600 can handle a wide variety of applications in many industries.  With standard accessories, this rigid 35 HP horizontal machining center, weighs in at 40,000 lbs. of Meehanite cast iron. The machine design features a moving column for the Z axis and a moving table for the X axis only.  This design, which is superior to a moving table / fixed column design, allows for maximum rigidity, better accuracy, and full support of the table over the complete X axis travel.  The moving column design eliminates the need for outriggers or outboard supportive ways to support high table loads.  The X axis is fully support by the base with absolutely no overhang of the table.  The machine features precision ground and induction hardened box ways in X, Y, and Z.  All mating surfaces are coated with Turcite-B and hand scraped for fit.  The ways are force lubricated via a pressurized automatic oil lubrication system.  Accurate positioning is carried out by large (2.0”) diameter, pre-tensioned ballscrews and powerful servo motors.  Accuracy is ensured by the optional Heidenhain linear scales.




Longitudinal Travel (X) Axis                                                    63″ (72”, 79”, 118” opt.)

Vertical Travel (Y) Axis                                                                       50”

Column Travel (Z) Axis                                                                       40″

Spindle center to table top                                                      5.5” – 55.5”

Spindle nose to table center                                                   7.9″ min / 47.9” max


Table (Combination)

Flat Table Working Surface                                                    63″ x 32″ (72”, 79”, 118” length opt.)

Rotary Table Diameter                                                                        31.5”

Maximum Workload on Flat Table                                          10,120 LBS.

Maximum Workload on Rotary Table                                     4,400 LBS.

Table Surface                                                                          Ground / T-slotted

No. of T-slots x Width                                                              7 x 22mm


Spindle (Standard)

Spindle Motor                                                                          35 HP

Spindle Torque                                                                        575 ft/lbs at only 375 RPM

Spindle Taper                                                                          ISO-50

Spindle Drive System                                                             2 speed gear box

Spindle Speed                                                                        0-6000


Spindle (Optional Inline Direct Drive)

Spindle Motor                                                                          35 HP Fanuc (40HP opt.)

Spindle Torque                                                                        122 ft/lbs at 1500 RPM

(258 ft/lbs at 500 RPM optional)

Spindle Taper                                                                          ISO-50

Spindle Drive System                                                             Direct Drive

Spindle Speed                                                                        0-10000


Spindle (Optional Weiss Integral Motor Spindle)

Spindle Motor                                                                          56 HP high torque

Spindle Torque                                                                                    300 ft/lbs @ 1000 RPM

Spindle Taper                                                                          HSK-100A

Spindle Drive System                                                             Integral Motor

Spindle Speed                                                                        0-15000 RPM


Automatic Tool Changer (arm type)

Number of Tools                                                                     40 tools (60, 80, 120 opt.)

Tool Selection                                                                         Bi-directional-random

Tool Change Time                                                                   6 sec. tool to tool

Maximum Tool Diameter                                                         4.9″ with adjacent tools, 9.8” without

Maximum Tool Weight                                                            33 LBS

Tool Type                                                                                CAT-50 (BT-50 / HSK-100A opt)

Maximum Tool Length                                                             15.7″


Ballscrews and Axis Motors

X-Y-Z  Ballscrew Diameter                                                     2.0” X, Y, Z  x 10 pitch

Ballscrew Type                                                                                   Class 3 double nut pre-loaded

Ballscrew Mounting Type                                                       Pre-tensioned

X-Y-Z-B Servo Motor HP                                                        9.0 – 5.2 – 9.0  – 5.2HP

Servo Motor Mounting                                                                        Direct coupled XYZ



Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y,Z                                                     590 IPM

Rapid Traverse Rate B axis rotary table                                            11.1 RPM

Cutting Feed Rate                                                                  0.01 – 472 IPM

Linear Positioning Accuracy                                                  +/- .0003″ full stroke

Linear Repeatability                                                                +/- .0002″

B axis Positioning with / without scale                                               5 arc seconds / 15 arc seconds



Coolant Tank Capacity                                                                        120 gallons

Machine Weight (base machine only)                                                44,000 LBS (63” X axis)

Floor Space                                                                            171″ X 170″ x 122″ (63” X axis)

Machine Power Source                                                                      208/220 Volts, 3 Phase 150 Amps**

Air Source                                                                               90 PSI


Standard Machine Accessories                                                                                                     

Flood Coolant System with programmable air blast

Air blast for spindle

Auto Lubrication with Alarm

Automated chip removal system with 4 screw type chip conveyors

Halogen work lamp

2 speed geared head with spindle / headstock cooler

Remote Handwheel

Heat exchangers for control cabinets

Hydraulic counterbalance for headstock

Rigid Tapping

B axis rotary table (.001 degree)

40 Tool ATC





Fanuc OiM-F Plus Conversational Control                                                                                               


10.4” color LCD screen

Color graphics

Fanuc Manual Guide i conversational programming

Alpha i AC digital servo system with 1,000,000

pulse encoders


Full MDI keyboard

PCMCIA data card slot on front panel

USB port on front panel

Ethernet Connection


Memory Card Editing Function (software required)


2 Megabyte part program RAM storage

1000 registerable programs

AICC-I / Advanced Preview Control (Look ahead of multi-blocks – 200 blocks look ahead)


Automatic Acceleration / deceleration with Bell Shaped rapid acc / dec


4 controllable axes (5th axis option)

3 axes simultaneous control std. (4 axis opt.)

Manual feedrate override (0-200%)

Spindle speed override (50-200%)

Optional block skip

Decimal point input

Helical interpolation

Cylindrical interpolation

Canned cycles for drilling

Automatic corner override


Coordinate system rotation

Mirror image

Threading, synchronous

Custom Macro B

High speed skip signal

Unexpected Disturbance torque detection

Programmable data input (G10)

Direct drawing dimension programming

Work piece coordinate system (G52 – G59)

Addition of workpiece coordinate system 48 pairs (G54.1 – G54.48)


400 Tool offsets

Tool life management

Extended tool life management

Automatic tool length measurement

Backlash compensation

Machine lock

M,S,T function lock

Dry Run

Single block

Rapid Traverse Override

Spindle orientation

Rigid tapping

Clock function

Alarm history display

Operation history display

Run, hour and parts count display


Program restart

Background editing