Quicktech T6 Compact 2 Axis Turning Centers with Tailstock $69,900. includes freight



The QuickTECH T6 COMPACT and T6 MILL combine a powerful 15HP 1.65” bar capacity main spindle with a tailstock for economical turning or turn / mill applications.  This, high production CNC turning center is cast from Meehanite iron.  With a 42mm bar capacity, this unique turning center provides fast and accurate turning functions with optional milling functions.  .


Turning Spindles

The main spindle sports a 15HP high torque spindle motor as well a 1.65” (42mm) bar capacity.  The T6 MILL features a full continuous C axis with braking system.  The main spindle is standard with a 6” 3 jaw hydraulic chuck.   The spindle employs P4 high precision bearings for stability and heavy cutting ability.


Tooling System

The machine features a rigid 12 station BMT-55 servo turret (BMT-55 live turret with 5HP spindle motor for T6 MILL).  Both turrets features fast servo motor index and rigid hydraulic clamping.  On the T6 MILL with BMT turret, all 12 stations can be live.  Rigid tapping is standard in the BMT live turret.



The machine frame and all major components are made from the highest quality cast iron. The machine weighs in at an impressive 9,900 lbs. The bed is a one piece 45 degree slant bed.  The T6 uses large, 35mm Hiwin roller type linear guideways in all linear axes. The 35mm rails increase stability and allow heavier cutting. The large 32mm ballscrews are double anchored, pre-tensioned and direct coupled to the Mitsubishi servo motors thus promoting precision.


CNC Controls

The machine is equipped standard with the fully featured and powerful Mitsubishi M80A control with 10.4” LCD.  All spindles and axes use Mitsubishi AC servo motors and Mitsubishi amplifiers. The completely matched Mitsubishi CNC system provides extreme reliability and high performance. A 3 year warranty is standard on the CNC system.  Optionally, the Fanuc OiT-F Plus with 10.4” LCD and Manual Guide i Conversational is available.  The Fanuc system utilizes all Fanuc servo and spindle motors and drives and comes with a standard 2 year warranty.


Standard Features

The machine come with standard features necessary for production turning such as an 6” 3 jaw chuck for the main spindle , parts catcher, parts conveyor, 75 PSI coolant pump, chip conveyor, tailstock with programmable quill, and bar feeder interface




Main Spindle Capacity

Swing over bed                                                                     15.7”

Swing over cross slide                                                         9.05”

Chuck type                                                    6” 3-jaw hydraulic

Maximum bar working capacity                        1.65” (42mm)

Maximum turning length                                                    11.8”

Distance between chuck face and tailstock nose            23.6”

Spindle nose                                                                           A2-5

Hole through draw tube                                        1.73” (44mm)

Spindle speed range (std.)                                        6000 RPM

Spindle motor                                                                        15HP
C axis increment                              .001 degrees (For T6 Mill)


Travel and Feed

Maximum cross travel (turret X axis)                               7.87”

Maximum longitudinal travel (turret Z axis)                  11.8″

X, Z servo motors                                                                  2 HP

Ballscrew diameter x pitch        1.25” (32mm) x 10mm pitch

Rapid traverse rate                                                     1181”/ min.


Turret Tooling System (T6 COMPACT)

Tooling type                                               BMT-55 servo turret

Number of tools                                                                      12

Square shank size                                                    1” (25mm)

Boring bar capacity                                           1.25” (25mm)

Turret index time      .3 secs / station, .5 secs 180 degrees




Tailstock body travel (manual)                                        15.7”

Tailstock quill travel (programmable hydraulic)         3.15”

Tailstock quill diameter                                                    2.95”

Tailstock quill taper                                                        MT#4



Positioning accuracy                            +/- .0002″ full stroke

Repeatability                                                           +/- .00015″

Coolant tank capacity                                              35 gallons

Coolant pump motor                                               1 HP flood

Machine Weight                                                       9,900 LBS

Floor Space with chip conveyor                   126″ X 52″ x 73″

Machine Power Source   208/220 Volts, 3 Phase 75 Amps**

Hydraulic pump motor                                                     2HP


Standard Machine Accessories                                                                                                           

1 set of turret static tool holders including 6 O.D. Turning holder and 6 I.D. Boring bar holders

1 6” 3 jaw hydraulic chuck for main spindle

Parts catcher

Parts conveyor

Chip Conveyor

Bar feeder interface

75 PSI / 20 GPM flood coolant pump

Full enclosed machine guards

Auto lubrication system

1 set of machine and control manuals



Mitsubishi M80A Standard Control Features                                                              


10.4” Color LCD touch screen

500K standard memory

Navi Lathe simple conversational

Ethernet connection / network connection


3D solid graphics and program check

Machining Time Computation

Front side USB Interface (up to 32GB)

Front side SD Memory Card (up to 32GB)

Internal NC Data Server (2GB)

Memory Card Editing Function

Data Server Editing Function

1000 Registered Program numbers

Rigid Tapping

Controlled Axis: 4 axis standard (up to 5 Axis )max

Simultaneous Controllable Axis: 4 axis  (5 Axis opt) 1 path

Multi-Quadrant Circular Interpolation

Polar coordinate interpolation

Helical interpolation

Cylindrical interpolation

Automatic Acceleration/Deceleration

Reference Point Return (G27, G28, G29)

Second Reference Point Return

Coordinate System Setting (G92)

Automatic Coordinate System Setting

Absolute /Incremental Command

Optional Block Skip

Skip Functions (G31)

Tool Life Management I and II

Tool Length Compensation (G43, G44, G49)

Tool Offset Amount Memory (256 Pairs)

Program Stop/Program End (M00, M01, M02, M30)

Incremental feed (X1, X10, X100, X1000)

Feedrate override 0~200%

Jog override 0~200%

Spindle override 50~150%

Spindle orientation – magnetic high speed

Spindle synchronization

Inch/Metric conversion

Mirror image

Backlash compensation

Stored Pitch Error Compensation

Machine Lock (All Axis)

Auxiliary Function Lock

Z-Axis Command Cancel

Dry Run

Single Block

Data Protect Key

Stored Stroke Check 1

Optional chamfering / corner rounding

Automatic corner override

Custom Macro

Addition of Macro Common Variables (700)

Cutter Compensation C

Program Data Input (G10)

Scaling (G50 / G51)

Coordinate system rotation (G68 / G69)

Run Hour/Number of Parts Display

Work Coordinate System (G52-G59)

Work Coordinate System Addition (G54.1 – G54.48)

Tool nose radius compensation G40,41,42

Background Editing

Canned Cycle for drilling / tapping

Canned Cycles for turning operation