2014 Johnford ST-80CH Lathe $210,000. (Copy)


2014  Johnford ST-80CH Lathe $210,000.                                                                                                                          Less than 1000 cutting hours on it.


24” chuck upgrade

3:1 gearbox on Z (triple thrust)

R.I.P. manual turn through steady rest 2.5” – 18” capacity

Manual swing down tool setter

60HP spindle motor upgrade (from standard 50HP)

Manual Guide i Conversational

Rotary tailstock

Standard accessories such as chip conveyor, programmable tailstock, etc


Swing over bed/Front cover    39.4″

Standard turning diameter      31.5″

Swing over carriage                  31.5″

Maximum cross travel (X axis)    16.5″

Maximum longitudinal travel (Z axis)   78.7″

Distance between centers         88.5”



Spindle Motor              50 HP

Spindle nose                 A2-15

Spindle RPM              0 – 1200 (24” chuck)

Hole through spindle    5.98″

Bar Capacity                   5.47”

Spindle bearing diameter  7.87”

Spindle inside taper           M.T. 7

Hydraulic chuck                24” 3-Jaw



Turret tool positions        12

Turret type                      Hydraulic

Tool mounting               Block type

O.D. tool shank size      1.25”

I.D. tool shank size       3.0”

Index time                     .5 seconds



Quill diameter of tailstock      7.87″

Quill stroke of tailstock          5.9″

Quill taper of tailstock           M.T. 7

Tailstock body travel             66.9”