Seiki PT-400S 24,000 RPM Milling and Tapping Center / Graphite Mill


We are offering this Seiki PT400S 24 tool arm type with same Mitsubishi control to you for $80,000 delivered to your floor with a 3 year Mitsubishi and 1 year Seiki warranty.

The PT-400S is the fastest CNC milling and tapping center in its class and is also well suited to graphite machining as well high speed 3D machining. This machine will exceed the demands of any manufacturer with high volume, high precision machining needs. The compact size consumes very little valuable floor space while the blazing speed will deliver more parts per hour than the competition. The machine is a fixed column / moving table type design.


It features a Meehanite cast iron frame and rigid linear slideways for rigidity and fast, precise movement. The 32mm (1.26”) diameter Z axis ballscrews are class 3 with a double nut pre-loaded design allowing a standard rapid traverse rate of 2362 inches per minute in all 3 axes with industry leading acceleration of 2.0G in the Z axis. The ABS (Absolute Pulse Coder) servo system does not require zero return.  The machine can be started anytime from any position, saving non-productive time.  A standard bed flushing system pushes chips to the rear of the machine.  The optional caterpillar type chip conveyor provides efficient chip removal.


Two types of high speed ATC systems are available. The standard is a 20 tool servo turret type ATC while the a 24 tool twin arm type ATC is optional.  The PT-400S’s standard 20 station turret style servo automatic tool changer provides fast, reliable tool selection.  Complete tool change time is only 1.4 seconds tool to tool and 2.2 seconds chip to chip.  The optional 24 station high speed arm type ATC provides an increase in Z axis travel from 13.8” to 18.9”.  Tool change time is 1.1 seconds and 2 seconds chip to chip.


The standard spindle is a 7.4HP 30 min. /  5HP continuous, 24,000 RPM direct drive spindle that provides rigid tap speeds up to 6000 RPM.  A spindle chiller is standard.  The BBT-30 (Big Plus dual contact) taper is standard for rigid milling.  Coolant through the spindle preparation is also standard (pump system optional).


The Mitsubishi M80A control is standard and is suitable for a wide range of applications from production to high speed machining applications.  The M80A control features a 10.4” touch screen with intuitive smart phone type operation.  A dedicated CNC CPU provides phenomenal processing speeds.  An all new high response servo system with 1,000,000 pulse encoders is provided for state-of-the-art speed and accuracy. The Mitsubishi control comes with an industry leading 3 year parts and labor warranty!  The Fanuc OiM-F Plus control with 10.4” LCD and 2 year warranty is also available.






Longitudinal Travel (X) Axis    20.5″

Cross Travel (Y) Axis                 15.7″

Vertical Travel (Z) Axis  13.8″ (18.9” for 24 tool arm type ATC)

Table to Spindle  5.9″ min/19.7″ max (24.8” max for arm type ATC)

Spindle Center to Column       17.5″



Table Working Surface          24.4″ x 15.4″

Maximum Workload on Table       330 LBS.

Table Surface                      Ground / T-slotted

No. of T-slots x Width        3 x 14mm

Table height from floor          34”


Spindle (Standard)

Spindle Motor                 7.4HP 30 min / 5 HP continuous

Spindle Taper                 BBT-30 dual contact

Spindle Drive System   Direct Drive

Spindle Speed                0-24000 RPM


Automatic Tool Changer – Turret Type (Standard)

Number of Tools                 20 tools

Tool Selection                      Bi-directional-fixed

Tool Change Time              1.4 sec tool to tool

Chip to Chip Time             2.2 sec chip to chip

Magazine Index Time Adjacent Station     0.1 seconds

Magazine Index Time 180 degrees    1.8 seconds

Maximum Tool Diameter       3.15″

Maximum Tool Weight          4.8 LBS

Tool Type                                  BBT-30

Maximum Tool Length          7.9″


Automatic Tool Changer – Arm Type (Optional)

Number of Tools             24 tools (+1 in the spindle)

Tool Selection                 Bi-directional-random

Tool Change Time          1.1 sec tool to tool

Chip to Chip Time         2.0 sec chip to chip

Maximum Tool Diameter  2.5″ with adjacent tools

Maximum Tool Weight       6.2 LBS

Tool Type                         BBT-30

Maximum Tool Length       7.9″


Ballscrews and Axis Motors

X-Y-Z Ballscrew Diameter  X 25mm (1”) x 16mm pitch, Y 25mm

(1”) x 16mm, Z 32mm (1.26”) x 16mm

Ballscrew Type     Class 3 double nut pre-loaded

Ballscrew Mounting Type   Double anchored

X-Y-Z Servo Motor HP      2.0 – 2.0 – 3.0HP

Servo Motor Mounting     Direct coupled




Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y,Z   2362 IPM

Acceleration in Z              2.0G

Cutting Feed Rate   0.01 – 787 IPM

Positioning Accuracy     +/- .0002″ full stroke

Repeatability   +/- .00015″



Coolant Tank Capacity                 60 gallons

Machine Weight                            6,270 LBS

Floor Space (without optional chip conveyor)   61.4″ x 99″ x 96″ (100” with arm type)

Machine Power Source       208/220 Volts, 3 Phase 25KVA**

Air Source    90 PSI


Standard Machine Accessories                                                                                                     

Flood Coolant System

Air Gun for cleaning

Air Blast for Spindle

Auto Lubrication with Alarm

Full Machine Enclosure with Top Cover

Halogen Work Lamp

Chip flushing system

Preparation for Coolant Through the Spindle (pump system not included)

Rigid Tapping

3 color operation light

Spindle Cooler






Standard Control Features Mitsubishi M80A – 3 Year Warranty


10.4” Color LCD touch screen (15” opt.)

512 K (1280M) standard memory

Ethernet connection / network connection


Navi-Mill Conversational Programming

3D solid graphics and program check

USB Interface

Front SD Memory Card

Internal NC Data Server (2GB)

Memory Card Editing Function

Data Server Editing Function

400 Registered Program numbers

Rigid Tapping

Controlled Axis: 4 axis standard (up to 8 Axis )max

Simultaneous Controllable Axis: 4 axis

Multi-Quadrant Circular Interpolation

Polar coordinate interpolation

Helical interpolation

Cylindrical interpolation

Inclined surface machining (G68.2 / G53.1)

High Accuracy Control  (G8P1 / G61.1)

High Speed Processing Mode 3 (G5P20000)

(1350 Block look ahead)


SSS (Super Smooth Surface)


Spline Interpolation / Spline Interpolation 2


Automatic Acceleration/Deceleration

Reference Point Return (G27, G28, G29)

Second Reference Point Return

Coordinate System Setting (G92)

Automatic Coordinate System Setting

Absolute /Incremental Command

Optional Block Skip

Skip Functions (G31)

Tool Length Compensation (G43, G44, G49)

Tool Offset Amount Memory (400 Pairs)

Program Stop/Program End (M00, M01, M02, M30)

Incremental feed (X1, X10, X100, X1000)

Feedrate override 0~200%

Jog override 0~200%

Spindle override 50~150%

Spindle orientation – magnetic high speed

Inch/Metric conversion

Mirror image

Backlash compensation

Stored Pitch Error Compensation

Machine Lock (All Axis)

Auxiliary Function Lock

Z-Axis Command Cancel

Dry Run

Single Block

Data Protect Key

Stored Stroke Check 1

Optional chamfering / corner rounding

Automatic corner override

Custom Macro

Addition of Macro Common Variables (700)

Cutter Compensation C

Program Data Input (G10)

Scaling (G50 / G51)

Coordinate system rotation (G68 / G69)

Run Hour/Number of Parts Display

Work Coordinate System (G52-G59)

Additional Work Coordinates 48 sets (G54.1 – G54.48)

Background Editing

Canned Cycle for drilling / tapping

Program restart easily after power down or broken tools